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Upon completing my 365 day project in 2013, I had plans to create another year lapse project, something to keep me on my toes everyday. The 365 seconds project caught my eye and I’ve been taking clips everyday through the whole 2014. Most of it was spent in Melbourne, a(n almost) full year away from Malaysia, some days were static, slow, and uneventful, some days were exciting, happening, full of surprises, some days had so many cool stuff happening I couldn’t just settle for one clip.
This has been said often enough, but 2014 has been a pretty rich year for me.

In 2014 I turned 21 three times, celebrated Chinese New Year Eve at a 7-Eleven in Taiwan, suffocated from pink powder, had my first art exhibition, joined MUMSU as a committee member, started to understand the concept of Friday Nights, spent close to a month backpacking in New Zealand, dove off a ledge 400m above Queenstown with only a harness tied around my waist, experienced falling snow for the first time, took up a photography elective, seen two musicals, worked on at least two photography collaborations, accepted that ‘I’ve changed’, made strangers into friends, friends into housemates, and housemates into friends. My year wasn’t all sunshine and cheer though, there were definitely life changing down days. I try to include more visual clips of how I mostly felt on a bad day, I can remember what happened when which clip was taken, but the viewer probably can’t tell.

It’s impossible to summarise a year into a passage or a video, surely, I get the chills and can’t help sporting a stupid grin on my face as I play the video again and again, but here is 6 minutes of my 2014. Spot yourself!

Music: A Chance Grain of Rye by Lowercase Noises

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